Happy Diwali everyone! Just in time for the holiday, I’m so excited to share my DIY kurta, made from an old sari I had using a regular button-up shirt pattern.


While saris look amazing and I’m quite good at tying them (don’t mean to brag!), I don’t typically wear them, simply because they haven’t grown on me…yet! This purple silk sari is from Nucreation on Gerrard St., that I wore from my cousin’s wedding as a bridesmaid. I wore it only once and have since cut it up to make a purse out of it for Diwali last year! This year, I thought I’d re-use the remaining material by turning it into this kurta.Sweet Shard Purple DIY Diwali Shalwar and Dupatta - #b6294

Pattern, Construction & Tips:

To make this look, I used specifically used #B6294 because of the loose fit, length and side slit, which are all the key ingredients to a kurta. Because I’ve made it before, it allowed me to understand how to re-create it for this look. Here were the modifications I made:

  • Matched the length of the front pieces to the back.
  • Made the bottom a straight edge as opposed to a round edge to maintain the border design from the sari.
  • Left the cuffs off the sleeve and shortened the arm to just below the elbow.
  • This pattern calls for the placket to be hidden, but because I wanted the buttons and flower details to show, I left it exposed.
  • Added more buttons than suggested to accommodate the flower pattern on the material.
  • To complete the look, I left the collar off.


Simply put, a dupatta is a shawl. This was made using the left over sari material. I finished the raw edges with a regular hem. The edges along the length of the dupatta are selvage, so there was no need to finish it.


Although I can make leggings, the pair I’m wearing here is from forever 21 years ago and just happens to match the gold sari detailing perfectly!


These buttons are my favourite in my stash. Not only do I love the simplicity and colour of them, but they were a lovely gift to me and probably one of my favourite things I’ve ever received. I know they’re just buttons, but still!

I used them on this shirt, but thought they’d be perfect for my kurta, so I just swapped them out. Needless to say, the other shirt is non-existent anymore because of how quickly I ripped them off!Sweet Shard Purple DIY Diwali Shalwar and Dupatta - #b6294

Final Thoughts:

I adore my DIY kurta. This is one of my favourite looks to go for because it’s effortless and easy to wear, can look just as glamorous as any other Indian outfit! Though I love the minimalistic look of this in comparison to other outfits you may see that are typically adorned in jewels, I think I may try to add some sparkle the next time I make something similar. Gotta keep trying to expand, y’know?!



Photos: Tasmia R.

Sweet Shard Purple DIY Diwali Shalwar and Dupatta - #b6294 Sweet Shard Purple DIY Diwali Shalwar and Dupatta - #b6294 Sweet Shard Purple DIY Diwali Shalwar and Dupatta - #b6294


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  2. Gurrrrl where do I place orders, I want 1 of everything please! 😉 So talented!! Keep it up! Xo

    • Sharadha Reply

      These are from Neveren’s on Queen St. in Toronto.

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