Hi Friends! This week’s DIY is  a lightweight jacket made using M7259 from McCalls. Unfortunately, I don’t see it on their site anymore, but it’s floating around different sites for purchase if you can find it. I’m really excited about this make because it’s a pattern I’ve had in my closet for some time now and was dying to make it. I definitely intended for this to be a dressier coat, which it absolutely is, but I’ve found myself wearing it casually much more than anything!

Pattern & Construction

M7259 is a very easy pattern to use. If you’re new to coat making, I suggest giving this one a shot…if you can get it. FYI, I got mine at the local fabric store here in Hamilton and they had a few left over in their stash, so you might get lucky too! I cut the size 6 and made no alterations to the pattern. The only trouble I had was maintaining the even length of the shell of the coat. I found that after pressing, it stretched a bit and looked uneven, so I had to go back and adjust how I folded the hemmed edge. 


As much as I wished this to be wool, it’s not. It’s a polyester coating that I got on sale for $10/m. The pattern calls for 2.75 metres, but I only bought 2.5 and it worked just fine. 

Final Thoughts

I LOVE this coat! I’ve worn it a million times already and I’m looking forward to making it again in a fun spring colour! I get compliments on it every single time I wear it, with people asking where I bought it from…followed by if I can make it for them! This coat is perfect for milder days  is a great fall or spring number to have in your wardrobe. I definitely recommend this pattern if you can get your hands on it.


Photos by Sulman from Team Big Day.com


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