So I’ve got this black jacket that I’ve had for about 11 years now and it’s just my favourite! With time, it started to get some real wear and tear. Of course, I looked around for a something worthy of replacing it (a replica, really) but nothing would do! I was absolutely fine with keeping it forever. Until the zipper busted last week. Womp womp…

Alas, I was forced to get make a new jacket. Enter this bad boy: the faux leather bomber.


To make this faux leather bomber jacket, I used McCalls M7100. It’s a pretty simple make and is now sort of a go-to for me as I’ve used it before. Check out my previous make/review here.


I made very few alterations to the pattern:

  • Added 1” to the neckband and waistband pattern pieces. Because it’s cut on the fold, that gives an extra 2”
  • The pattern does not suggest a lining, but because of the material, I fully lined the inside.


As I mentioned before, this pattern is very simple to follow. Using faux leather, on the other hand…was a bit of a challenge. You have to be really careful when stitching because the needle will leave marks, so the pressure is definitely on to do it right the first time and not have to rip out any stitches. For the record, I did not do any of it right the first time, I had to re-do each piece up to 2-3 times at some point in the process, but luckily the needle marks don’t show.

Because the faux leather was a little flimsy, so I interfaced the entire thing to give it some weight. This was a really good call because it’s heavier and warmer to wear now. 

  • Faux leather is from King Textiles, $19.99/yd.
  • Ribbing is from Neverens, $24/m (only need 1/4m)
  • Lining is from my mom’s collection 😀

Final Thoughts:

I am IN LOVE with my new faux leather bomber jacket!! I just adore it. So much so, that it’s still hanging on my judy so I can stare at it. To be honest, this is one of my proudest makes ever – not only do I feel good in it, but I feel so good about my growing sewing skills because of it!


Photos: D. Lau


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  2. Razia Fung Reply

    You are so inspiring to me, I’m actually starting my blog because of you. I am actually in the muslin stage of this very pattern, I am going to make mine in genuine leather.

  3. Hi. I’m interested in making this jacket. My aunt gave me her old leather trench coat and I want to refashion it. Do you think I could use real leather. Also, are you sure this is the Mcalls pattern? It looks like the sleeve seams go toward the neck instead of up over the shoulder. The Simplicity pattern has seams like that. But the rendering of the Mcalls pattern does not – as picture on Amazon. I’m just trying to decide what pattern to get. Becasue once I cut into my aunt’s beloved jacket I need to get it right. Thanks for sharing! Your jacket looks great. I hope mine turns out as lovely.

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