Wedding season is officially over for me and it ended with the beautiful Subashini marrying her beau, Amit. #SubzWedsAmit!

Their wedding was held at the Vedic Cultural Center in Markham, which is where Subashini and I went to mandir together as kiddies.

My lengha was inspired by the venue itself. The VCC is simplistic in nature – neutral colours, simple design, calm aura, etc. So when I found the fabric for the skirt in my mom’s drawer, I thought it was perfect for the occasion. It’s polished, clean and a formal type of material that’s suited only for certain events.

The only downside to the fabric is that it wrinkles fast. So much so, that I wore shorts while I drove to the wedding, and slipped the skirt on in the car once I got there!

Based on my successful experience wearing flats with a lengha, I opted to do it again. It makes life in Indian clothes so easy! Not sure if I’ll ever go back to heels…!

The dupatta (shawl) is my favourite part of the outfit. I love the added touch of the fringe – I think it’s unique and adds a touch of edge to the outfit. Initially, I was worried that the lengha might be a bit plain, but once I attached the fringe, I knew my jewelry was going to be rustic-edgy and suddenly, the whole outfit just pulled together!



Fabric: Fabricland
Pattern (Skirt) – Stitch ‘n Save by McCall’s #3287 – added 7 inches to length
Crop Top – pattern based on a tank top

What I Wore: #SubzWedsAmit
All Materials: Fabricland | Sunnies: Target | Earrings & Bangle: F21 | Necklace: unknown
Photos by B. Ramjit




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