As a Canadian, winter is a key part of my life. So, when I saw this pullover sweater from Burda, I thought this would be a really great piece to have in my closet:


Billed as a “ski sweater” on the Burda Style site, this is an oversized, drop shoulder pullover with quite the collar.  I think depending on the material used, this can also be more of a jacket as well.

Outside of figuring out seam allowances, it doesn’t require too much analysis, so it’s great pattern to use if you feel like you’ve lost your sewing mojo or just want to take it easy. 

Construction & Tips:

This was a very easy sweater to make with just 4 pattern pieces. I would say the most difficult part would be getting the corners by the zipper nice and square. After constructing the body of this, I decided to go for a more athletic look and used striped cuffs.

I made very few modifications:

  1. Top stitched the collar.
  2. Shortened the length by 6”
  3. Used ribbed knit cuffing for the bottom, rather than an elastic.


This is a mixed fibres knit from Fabricland. What does “mixed fibres” mean? Not too sure, to be honest! And neither does anyone else at the store. But I can tell you that the outside has a nice sheen to it, and the inside is softer. It was also only $7/m, which I thought was a steal! It’s easy to work with, makes only a little bit of a mess and is warm to wear.

I also used navy ribbed cuffing with yellow strips for athletic effect. I got 2m from King Textiles for $9!

Final Thoughts:

I’m not going to lie, I really LOVE this sweater! I’ve already worn it 3 times and have plans to make it again, especially because it’s so quick to put together. I’m interested in altering it into a jacket, with a zipper all the way down. I would also love to try it again in a knit coating material like what I used here.

Photos: Ahilan


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  2. You are so talented. Love your designs/mods! The photos are striking with the backgrounds. Reminds me of a trip to Montreal, Canada.

    • Sharadha Reply

      Thank you so much!! Montreal is a beautiful city, so that is quite the compliment!

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