If you take a good look around you on the streets, at the mall or online, you’ll see that the 90’s are back baby! So with the sun out and the weather getting warm, I’m going ALL IN with this super bright DIY floral blazer made using a pattern from over 20 years ago!

Floral Vs. Plain:

Blazers are one of those things that we typically like to wear as a plain / monochromatic colour. It’s clean and goes with a number of outfits. However, I thought I’d play around a bit and use a bright floral print to make this blazer. It’s super fun, although not something I can wear too often. I guess that would be the downfall – if this were black, I’d be able to get away with wearing it twice/week if I wanted to! Truth be told, if I were in the store and had both options presented to me, I’d prefer to spend my money on the plain blazer because I’d get more wear out of it. But since I’m sewing and I have complete creative control here, floral print here we come!

Pattern & Construction:

This pattern (McCalls M4621) is from my mom’s collection, circa 1996. When I first saw the envelope cover, I thought the jacket was nice but I really didn’t think it would turn out well. In my mind, I assumed that this just wouldn’t fit well. Turns out I was wrong! I love the loose fit and it looks just like the photo.

To make this jacket, I cut the smallest size (size 6). I left out the shoulder pads and took in the shoulder seams by 1″ because it was drooping off my shoulder just a bit too much.


Personally, I’m not a huge fan of how the sleeve looks when it’s left all the way down to the wrist. Nothing against this sleeve in particular, I just typically like to roll my sleeves up because it looks and feels a bit more relaxed. 

Final Thoughts:

Love this jacket & love the pattern! I’m a huge fan of the retro 90’s look. It’s a really simple make that’s turned up a notch because of the floral print. I’m already planning to make this again!



Photos by George Meris. Find him on IG!
Hair & Makeup by Sindhu Senthilnathan / FanSi Makeup Culture. Find them on IG!



  1. I’m just in love with you and your style! This jacket is just perfect. You have such a flair, keep sewing, you are so inspiring 🙂 XoXo

    • Sharadha Reply

      Zélie – my oh my, such kind words! thank you so much, I really appreciate your support! Means a lot!! <3

  2. Beautiful! I love rolling up my sleeves too, but I am self conscious about how my inside seam looks, how did you finish the seems on the inside of the sleeve?

    • Sharadha Reply

      Hi Abigail! Thank you! I used double folded bias tape to finish the seams inside the sleeve. hope that helps!

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