Hi Friends! You  might remember a couple of weeks ago I posted a pair of DIY Jogger Pants made using Butterick #6294, view D. In this week’s post, I tackled #B6294 again but went for view A: a hidden placket casual button up shirt, with a few minor adjustments along the way.

B6294 Pattern & Construction:

There are over 40 instructions to get this shirt done, so it can seem a little daunting but the instructions are pretty straightforward. This was my first time making a hidden placket shirt, so I definitely spent some time reviewing the instructions for that part. In fact, I left this project over night to sleep on it so I could let my mind process how to keep going…I was not about to screw this up by moving too fast on it!

Does my version look like the photo? For the most part, yes…I made some alterations along the way:

  • I shortened the back to make it the same length as the front.
  • The pattern has a curved hem and side slits. Using another button up shirt to get the right angles, I levelled the curve out so it wasn’t as drastic.
  • I left out all of the interfacing.

This is a polyester blend that I got for $1.00/yd (it was in the same clearance bin as the fabric I used for the colette sorbetto). I gotta tell you, being able to find fabric for that cheap is really great especially when you’re just testing out a pattern! This is obviously a very casual fabric to wear but switching it up to softer material will easily turn this shirt into a dressier one.


The version I’m sharing with you here was initially just a tester. It turned out quite well and is completely wearable. I look forward to creating a “real” version with a chic-er material.

Final Thoughts:

Thanks to some minor alterations to the length, I love the way this turned out. If I’m going to be honest here, I’m not really a huge fan of how long it’s supposed to be.I don’t mind the high-low style of this blouse, but for me it was too extreme. That might be a height thing though, so if you’re taller maybe you’ll dig it. However, now that I’ve played around with the length to my liking, I’ll definitely be making another one of these again!



Photos by Sarah Snow Photography – Find her on Facebook!
Tank & Sunnies: H&M | Jeans: TopShop


  1. Love your shirt! I’ve been on a shirt/blouse making binge for a couple of months but not one had the hidden placket so I was keen to see yours. Beautiful flowing fabric. It would be fabulous in something scrumptious like 4-ply silk 🙂

    • Sharadha Reply

      thank you! yes! I agree – a hidden placket button up would look stellar in silk!

  2. Hi Sharadha. Really love your take on the pattern. The colour and style look great. I’m currently making view b. Is there any way you could post a step-by-step on the construction of the button placket?

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