You hear a lot about wardrobe staples, which typically include a crisp white button up, dark blue jeans, black pumps, the perfect red lipstick. That sort of thing. You know what’s not on the list that totally should be? A plaid shirt! So I thought I’d continue my quest to sew up some casual clothing (see here, here and here) by adding this staple to my DIY wardrobe!

Pattern / Construction

To create this shirt, I used M6436, view D. This was my first attempt at using this pattern and it worked out well, so yes – this is my muslin! The instructions are easy to follow and the end result is great. It’s a quick make but it took longer than likely would have because it was my first time using this pattern and because I really spent time pattern matching. I cut the size 8 and made no alterations. However, when I make this again, I will probably add an extra button above cuff to close the sleeve opening as it currently leaves a large opening.


This is a cotton polyester that I picked up from Fabricland for $3.00/m from the clearance section. I really try to keep my costs as low as possible especially when working on a muslin, but I like to use wearable fabrics so that I can actually wear it if it turns out well.

Even though the pattern calls for 1 3/4m, I bought 2 1/4m to compensate for pattern matching. I bought more than necessary, but it was only $3.00/m, so whatevs!

Final Thoughts

I made this just last week and have worn it 3 times already, so yes, I’m really into this pattern! I think M6346 is a great one to have in your stash and I’ll definitely be making it again using different fabrics (denim, here we come!).



Photos: D. Tharmal


  1. Wow! This M6346 is totally awesome! Wearable muslin for the win! You look gorgeous in it too!

    • Sharadha Reply

      haha yes! nothing like a muslin that you can actually wear in public! thank you so much!

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