As you may or may not know, I’ve been collaborating with Fusia to bring you some style tips and tricks. My most recent collabo was all about these DIY cut off shorts so lemme give you the back story here:

They started off as really nice distressed boyfriend jeans from Zara, but it wasn’t long before they went from looking stylish to just ratty. The cool rips became massive holes. These jeans just did NOT look good anymore. I stopped wearing them but I wasn’t willing to get rid of them. Then I decided…let’s just cut off the holes and turn them into cut off shorts!

I think they turned out pretty cute and highly recommend turning old boyfriend jeans into summer shorts cuz you know…buying cut offs can be expensive and not entirely rational since you can authentically just do it yourself rather than pay for someone else to cut them for you. #KnowWhatImSayin?

Anyways! Here’s a quick tutorial I did for Fusia on how I turned my boyfriend jeans to cut off shorts. Comment and lemme know your thoughts!

Cut Off Shorts06_SweetShard Cut Off Shorts02_SweetShardCut Off Shorts03_SweetShardCut Off Shorts04_SweetShardCut Off Shorts01_SweetShard

Top: Forever21 | Watch: Casio | Sandals: Aldo
Photos by P. Maulkhan


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