This year, the fall season is a bit warmer than usual. Quite a bit warmer. Normally, you’ve got about a 2-week span in September to look all pumpkin-spiced adorable before it’s time to take things seriously and get bundled up. But not this season! It’s well into October now and we here in Toronto can still¬†get away with all that super cute (but totally not practical) fall fashion that you see on Instagram, which makes putting the time into this vest using B6244 totally worth it!

B6244 Pattern & Construction:

To create this vest, I used Butterick #B6244 and cut the smallest size. Here are my adjustments:

  • Left the sleeves off.
  • Frayed the edges for two reasons:
    1. Aesthetic appeal.
    2. The material was too thick to get a neat hem.
  • Added a 3″ wide faux belt at the back for detail.


This is super soft coating material from Fabricland I got last year on sale for $7/m. It was the end piece of the roll with only 1.5m left. Because I had so little fabric, it was hard to determine what to make with it, which is ultimately why this piece is a vest instead of a jacket: not enough material to cut sleeves!

  • Pumps – Jimmy Choo, $90. Style Encore
  • Jeans – Almost Famous, $13. Style Encore
  • Turtleneck – $19, H&M
  • Sunnies – $12, H&M

Final Thoughts:

This is a TOTAL statement piece! I’m so stoked with how it turned out and really recommend giving this a shot! It’s incredibly easy and takes no time at all.



Photos: Sabrina Ramnarain – MnC Creative


    • Sharadha Reply

      majorly cozy! lol it really does feel like a blanket!

  1. Frances Patricia Danylishin Reply

    Beautiful fabric and it looks gorgeous on you.

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