My cousin Ricky got married a few weeks ago in New York and the big debate was…What am I going to wear?! (duh, obviously!) Now, I have quite a few pieces of Indian clothing at home, but I wanted something different…something that I knew no one else would be wearing…something unique from the typical “bling” that you’d normally see at a West Indian wedding. I also wanted to see if I could pull together an outfit actually looked South Asian.

So I decided to make a Lengha (skirt, top and shawl)

I saw this fabric for the skirt a while back and chose to use it for this occasion because it’s fun, flowy and light weight. And I created shape of the top based off of a regular tank top I had lying around.

I also wanted to be able to wear this skirt with a casual outfit. #DoubleDuty! You see, after any wedding, I’m never too sure where I’m going to end up – Are we going to stay back at the temple to catch up with people? Are we going to the wedding house? What time will I actually end up back home? etc. So I love the idea of being able to take off the dupatta (shawl), throw on my jean jacket and feel relaxed.

The other thing I love to do with Indian clothes: wear flats. Look, I love high heels just as much as the next girl does, but you have to take your shoes off in the temple. That means you spend the majority of the day without your shoes and if the skirt is meant to wear with heels, then it’s going to drag around all day. No way jose!

I’m really happy with the way my lengha turned out and I even got a few compliments on it (yay!). But now that I’ve worn it out (and posted it here!!) it’s going to the back of my closet for a while, haha! #TrueStory.

All Materials: Fabricland | Bangle: Kate Spade | Earrings: unknown | Necklace: unknown
Photos by B. Ramjit


  1. Hello Sharadha. Love your work! Nice to see a new fresh sewing blog with all the new passion and enthusiasm. I love your pieces and your styling is very well put together. I’m from Trinidad, I realise you make alot of reference to ‘West Indian’ which is great! Looking forward to seeing more. Take care. My blog is totally inactive for the last couple months- studying 🙁

    • Sharadha Reply

      Thanks Arianne! I’m so glad you like my blog! And yes – family roots are Caribbean, nice to connect with others from the same background!

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