Hey sewing friends! This week’s post is a little different from the usual. Instead of a DIY, I’m sharing with you a few thoughts on Mimi G‘s new podcast called Business S.H.E.T.  Sweet Shard_Business Shet_MimiG_Podcast

When I learned Mimi was going to be doing this, I was pretty excited not just because she’s a sewing gangsta (for real though, she really is!) but because I really enjoy listening to podcasts, and it’s something I wish to do myself! To me, they differ from other social media platforms because there’s a certain level of realness that I don’t get from Instagram, for example. People tend to share their personal experiences through podcasts, which makes  me feel like I’m not the only one going through something. Or maybe it’s the fact that when you choose to listen to a podcast, you’re doing so to learn something; you must listen with intention. It’s not a passive experience the way listening to music can be. And then there’s hearing someone’s voice with that much attention – it’s quite personal and allows me to feel like I actually know that person!

Business S.H.E.T (get it? SHIT?!) is a clever play on words.  Yes, it’s an acronym, standing for SOLVE a problem, HELP your customer/followers get passed their current stage, EARN respect, and build TRUST. But it’s also a display of her cool. While this podcast is obviously about the ups and downs of her business, the sheer fact that *shit* is in the title means that Mimi is about to get real AF in this series with tough love advice.  Don’t believe me? Well, Episode 2 starts off with a lovely dose of keeping it one hunnid, when Mimi explains that…

It Aint Always Peaches & Cream, It Can Be More Like Shit & Flies.”

Say whaaat now? I mean, my experience thus far has shown me that things can get really tough, but like… shit & flies? Guuuurl, you got me there – can’t really argue with that lol!  But, you see what I mean? There’s absolutely no sugar coating here.


Here’s the thing: It’s so easy to feel down about yourself when everyone looks perfect on social media. And we all know this! Every single one of us out there knows that Instagram is a curated album of our best highlights. But that doesn’t stop me from looking at other sewing profiles and immediately getting overwhelmed and mad at myself for not being able to keep up. After all, everyone else has it SO EASY, right? Listening to Mimi’s Business S.H.E.T is a great reminder that no one has it easy – hard work is necessary and everyone deals with not just something, but many things. And often times, it’s many things all at the same time.

I recommend giving this a listen (subscribe on iTunes or via Android). I say this not as a fellow sewist, but as a woman. There’s something about the way Mimi speaks that resonates with me, and I think that’s because this podcast feels like it’s a serious talk from woman to woman, mentor to mentee. I’m a fan of people discussing their issues, growth and how they faced their problems head-on instead of making it seem like their lives are perfect. I know my life isn’t. And for me, the most beneficial thing I’ve done is surround myself with people who are open and honest with their journey as well, even if that’s in the form of a podcast 😉


Photos: D. Lau



    • Sharadha Reply

      Humara, you will love it. Let me know what you think once you’ve listened!!

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