What originally began as a simple A-Line skirt in my mind, turned into layers of gathers and tulle by the time I even started cutting!

Here’s the story:

To begin with, I actually made this skirt quite a while ago and it was my first attempt at gathers…I’ve since become pretty efficient at it!

There wasn’t supposed to be a lining on the inside, but once I finished it, I felt like the skirt looked a little flat and limp, so I took the whole thing apart and added some to it.

But it still looked lifeless! Hmm…what to do…Then I remembered that I had some tulle lying around, so I decided to add two gathered layers of tulle to the bottom of the lining. So much work!

At first, I didn’t quite like the skirt – maybe that’s because of how much effort went into it that I was just tired of looking at it (ha!) so I left it aside for a few days. When I went back to it, suddenly it looked way better than I before! #phew


  • Shell: Linen – Fabricland
  • Lining – mom’s collection
  • Tulle – Fabricland
  • Pattern – self drafted

Shoes: Zara | Varsity Jacket: F21 | Earrings: Aldo | Hat: Dunedin/Toronto Blue Jays
Photos by Dani Schmidek



    • Hi! I just found your great blog today. I love your outfits! I’ve just had a lot of fun loinokg them over. I live in a much more casual place than SF, but relate to being in a work environment where no one cares about fashion (environmental non profit). I started a blog to help my poor little self feel not so all alone. I’m going to get inspiration from your creativity and talent for mixing pieces from anywhere. Thanks!

  1. i have seen some tulle colorful Dolce and gabnbaa skirts! i was thinking the exact same thing, i have to combine it with knits! i was completely blown away by the cotton candy skirts and they are high on my list! but i have no idea where i could find those skirts! so you are completely right about this trend and i am a huge fan

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