It’s winter, so my makes are meant to be a bit more practical (except for the bomber jacket I recently made; I got a little excited over that but it’s gotta wait a bit for its big debut). This project was meant to be a sweatshirt, but somehow I ended up with this lacy, sheer number that has no business being out during this time of year:


I used the Boxy Cut Sweatshirt 09/2018 #108 pattern from BurdaStyle to make this blouse. It’s got really cute detailing on the sleeve seams, which I think is just so darn cute!


Real talk though, this is a very simple make and shouldn’t take more than a couple hours to finish up, even for beginners. I didn’t make any modifications to the pattern other than using lace, as opposed to sweat shirt material. I also used bias tape to finish the sleeve edges and neckline.


whatever, if you don’t use this $90 lace now, when will you? YOLO

I kid you not when I say using this lace was my last resort. It cost $90/yard. $90!! You guys must know by now that my favourite place to shop is in the sale section, so to use this baby for this project was something I had really do shut my thoughts off to do lol.

I meant to use a white sweatshirt material, similar to this, but it was at my parent’s house and I just didn’t have the time to trek there to get it. So this was the next best thing and forced myself to think, “whatever, if you don’t use this $90 lace now, when will you? YOLO”

The crazy thing is that while I was stitching this all up, I didn’t even like how it was beginning to look! So it all started to seem like a waste…right down to when I put it on to take these photos. It wasn’t until I saw these pictures that I actually liked it. Phew!

Final Thoughts

I like this pattern. Not sure if it’s worth the buy, yet. I’ll have to try it out on actual sweatshirt material to see if it will turn out better. My inkling right now is that it’ll need a band at the waist, cuffs and neckline, but we’ll see. Stay tuned!


Snapped by D. Lau


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