About Me

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to Sweet Shard! I’m a designer / sewist, television producer, digital content creator, host and stylist.

I’ve worked in TV & Film for many years and while it’s been a ton of fun working with cool celebrities and on popular shows, I have to say launching www.SweetShard.com and designing my own personal handmade wardrobe is easily the most satisfying thing I’ve ever done. Sewing and designing is intensely creative and challenging, but it shows me that I can bring my thoughts to life!

Someone once asked me how I would I describe the clothes I make. I was kind of stumped because I couldn’t just pin point it to a single style which made me realize how awesome this sewing thing really is: My clothes are whatever style I want it to be: slick, pretty, casual, edgy, clean, athletic, simple. What a cool thing to be able to be in complete control of my look, right down to the fabric!

Take a look through Sweet Shard, drop me a line to inquire about custom designs, advertising or even just to say hello! I love hearing from and communicating my visitors. Oh, and don’t forget to subscribe!