Season’s Greetings everyone! It’s the…eve before Christmas Eve, so I thought I’d share this pretty little holiday look. Made using Simplicity 1650 with the last minute addition of 3/4 length sleeves, this turned out to be my perfect dose of Christmas sophistication!

Pattern and Construction:

Simplicity 1650 (Dress):

This was a very simple make. Taking approx 1.5m of fabric, I was able to put this together in no time at all!

  • Cut the size 4
  • View A Bodice
  • Long Skirt
  • Added an exposed zipper
  • No lining (as per instructions)

Butterick 6240 (Sleeves):

Once I had the dress together, I opted to add sleeves to give it a more sophisticated look.

  • Size 6 sleeves
  • Shortened by 3”
  • 2″ hem, slip stitched
  • I rounded out the shoulder instead of making a slash for the dart


  • Heavy satin blend, woven
  • On sale for $7/m x 2m, from Fabricland.

I absolutely love this material! The sheen on it gives a look of luxury which is exactly what I was going for. However, there’s absolutely no stretch to it which means …

wearing this dress is sort of like wearing skinny jeans before ‘stretch denim’ became a thing.

Because I wanted this dress to be nice and snug, there isn’t a whole lot of room to move around in it. See, on one hand, I managed to get the perfect fit (yay!). On the other, the perfect fitted pencil dress in a woven material means it’s definitely NOT means for dancing! I suppose could loosen it up a bit, but then the silhouette wouldn’t be as nice…the things we do for beauty lol! Guess who won’t be eating much in this dress haha!

Final Thoughts:

This was my first time making the entire dress from Simplicity 1650 (minus the sleeves). I’ve used the bodice before in other dresses (see them here, here and here), but I wanted to make full use of this pattern and see how ‘easy’ this it really was. Let me tell you, it was a quick make and I’m very happy with how it turned out! If you have the chance to get your hands on this pattern, give it a shot. I already have plans to make this dress again! (Probably in a more breathable and moveable material though haha!)

Happy Holidays!

Photos by HumJK
Hair by Ridhi Johal


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  1. Gorgeous Dress – love that color on you!
    (impressed that you did such a great job sewing with satin, not an easy fabric to work with)
    🙂 Chris

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