I can’t lie friends, I was never a fan of wrap dresses. I thought they were boring, unflattering and overly feminine for my own style. That is, until I saw Jade Tyler‘s version. And then I knew I just had to have one for myself!


I made this wrap dress using the Wrap Dress with Sash 10/2011 pattern. While it has very few pattern pieces, I can’t even tell you how many pages the pdf pattern has. In all honesty, it took me longer to piece together the pattern than it did to construct the base of this dress. And just looking at the stack of papers I needed to tape together was so off putting, I didn’t even want to start sewing. But after seeing how nicely it came together, it was worth it!


This wrap dress is very quick and easy to make! Here are the alterations I made:

  1. Shortened the length: The pattern comes with a tunic length. I added 7″ to the tunic line and did a 0.5″ hem.
  2. Adjusted the length of the ties to 41″ long each.
  3. Left the sleeves off
  4. Widened the neckline by 1″ and used a 5/8″ seam allowance, which deepened it by more than 3″
  5. Left off the sash.


This is a linen blend I got from Fabricland last year. I don’t usually wear stripes, so this was a nice step outside of my comfort zone. It was very easy to sew with and is very breezy – perfect for summer.


I’ve officially been converted to a wrap dress enthusiast! lol! It’s SO easy to wear, I feel so cute in it and cannot believe how fast this was to make. I can’t foresee myself making the full length version, but this is a fresh alternative. Now if we can just get to summer already so I can wear this sweet thang!



  1. Love love love!! My go-to project is a wrap dress and I can just imagine doing a wrap dress or top in about any fabric that I see! Well done and keep it up!

    • Sharadha Reply

      OMG! I’m the same now! It’s all I can envision. I’ve been converted lol!

  2. Hi Sharadha, your wrap dress looks amazing! I get put off from putting PDF pattern pieces together too, but in your case, it was obviously worth the trouble as you have a gorgeous outfit out of it as a result!

    • Sharadha Reply

      Right? as if sewing doesnt take long enough…putting together that pdf is almost always a deterrent! But just part of the process. Thanks for your kind words!

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