It’s the new year and what does that mean? Gym time!! For some people, it’s just a resolution that fades within a few weeks. But for me, it’s part of life. I like to be active. Yeah, of course there are some days where I have to drag my ass to the gym and I’m counting down the minutes to when I can leave. And other days when come up with any excuse not to go…

Really though, for the most part, it’s a thing that I do & enjoy. So I thought it’d be cool to make a shirt that I could wear to the gym but would also look cute in public.

I made this using leftover fabric from the body conscious dress I made over the summer and used an old muscle shirt that I had lying around as the stencil. This was one of the easier makes I’ve done, but it sure took a long time. Basically, I cut the fabric one day, stitched it up a week later, then hemmed it two months after. Ugh, what a process.

But I finished it and that’s all that matters, right?

Leggings: by me | Sneakers: Nike | Bag: H&M | Water Bottle: Loblaws
Photo by Ahilan K.

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