Guys! Spring is upon us. Not that I can complain much about the winter because it wasn’t really much of one here. But still. Longer days, sunnier skies and less clothing is always fun.

Enter: The Gold Crop.

I had this material lying around for a while…(after I stole it from my mom). It’s a really pretty gold stretch knit with lots of texture and an insane amount of stretch. So I wanted to test out my stretch knit sewing skills to see how much stretch I could get after it’s been sewn together.  Knowing that, I wasn’t willing to spend too much time constructing something a bit more complicated if the stretch didn’t work out the way I wanted.

But success ensued! Using a twin needle and a lesser tension, I was able to maintain the stretch.

In my initial approach to this top, I tried to hem the seams…NOPE. Not necessary at all. So I removed the hem and left as is because there was no unraveling at all. Honestly, not having to hem if I don’t have to is my favourite thing because it’s such a time saver. #Winning

I can’t even tell you how easy this thing was to make. Real talk. It literally has only 4 seams: one in each shoulder and then the two size seams. In fact, let me show you how easy it was. Check out the video below…

Sweet Shard Gold Crop 8

Sweet Shard Gold Crop 9Sweet Shard Gold Crop 3Sweet Shard Gold Crop 1Sweet Shard Gold Crop 12Sweet Shard Gold Crop 4Sweet Shard Gold Crop 2Sweet Shard Gold Crop 10Sweet Shard Gold Crop 7


Shoes: Zara | Skirt: Zara | Sunnies: Target
Springtime Gold by Sweet Shard



  1. First of all you look amazing in that crop top! Second, you made it look so simple to make that I am honestly inspired! XO

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