I know it hasn’t been summer for a while now, but sometimes it takes a little while for me to bring out my fall/winter clothes. It’s a mix of denial, nostalgia and a bit of procrastination but…in doing this, I get frustrated in the fact that I don’t have any sweaters on hand to wear! So rather than picking myself up to go downstairs to grab my cold weather clothes, I opted to find the energy to make an easy DIY baby blue sweater instead.


Anyways, I did this sweater up in about one hour. Everything…from start to finish. The reason it was so easy and quick to make was because I wanted it a bit oversized, so I didn’t have to worry about getting it perfectly fitted. I also based the pattern off of another ‘gently’ worn sweater I have lying around, so there was no guess work involved.


One thing I want more of are versatile pieces. Items that can be both dressy and casual, chic and athletic. I was able to achieve this 100% because of the fabric I used. It’s a beautiful, rich, and soft but thick baby blue quilted knit from Fabricland that came in pink as well (wish I had gotten both colours!). I can wear this with sneakers (as styled below) or with heels and it’ll still look sophisticated either way. I bought 2 meters and was able to make this sweater and these joggers with a bit of material left over.

To be honest, for the price alone I’d rather just make my own sweaters from now on. I bought the material for $8/m, spending $16 in total and I was able to make both a sweater and joggers. Then add in that it only took 1 hour to make…which means I won in this economical battle! 😀



sweetshard_diysweatshirt01 sweetshard_diysweatshirt04 sweetshard_diysweatshirt03sweetshard_diysweatshirt05 sweetshard_diysweatshirt02

Jeans: Top Shop | Sneakers: Nike | Earrings: H&M | Watch: Skagen
Photos by D. Tharmal

DIY baby blue sweater

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