This is one of the most impromptu shirts I’ve ever made. True story! I had a burst of energy one Sunday night, started it at 7pm and finished it by 9pm. Mad quick!

It was a pretty easy make. I used the top pictured below from The Bay as a stencil but added a few inches to the bottom. I literally just placed it on top of the fabric and cut around it. No measuring or anything.

The neckline was a little tough for me because I wanted it to pretty much be a crew neck and it wasn’t until after all was said and done that I realized…

“wtf! I can’t fit this over my head! ugh…”

So to solve this little situation, I just made a slit at the back down the middle and to keep the back neckline up, I added the gold chain and clasp. Easy fix. No problemo.

Originally, I had darts going down the front and back to give it some shape but it totally wasn’t necessary, so I took them out just before I wore it for a night out. This was probably the hardest part – getting ride of black thread on black lace. Oh…the stress!!!

One of my favourite things about this top is that the back is longer than the front. It offsets the sexiness of the sheer fabric by adding a conservative touch. It’s kind of the perfect middle ground.

And because it’s a bit see through, you really have to think about what to wear underneath? A cute tank could work, but the real deal is with a bralette similar to this or this lacey number. It’s just so comfortable…!

Anyhow, the lovely Scott McClellan shot these amazing photos for me. Whatcha think?

Sweet Shard Black High Low Lace 03 Sweet Shard Black High Low Lace 02 Sweet Shard Black High Low Lace 01

Jeans: Zara | Pumps: Top Shop | Hat: OVO | Jewelry: Aldo
Photos by Scott McClellan

Lacy highs and lows



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