I think this might be one of my favourite makes so far!  This is the Mimi G DIY jumpsuit and as soon as I saw this online, I thought it was just so cute that I had to make it for myself!

The pattern calls for 2.5 yards, but that was way more than I needed. I had so much cloth left over that I was able to make a pair of tights, a crop top and still have more left!

Although a lighter stretch knit would probably breathe better summer, I decided to use a thicker stretch knit fabric just so I didn’t feel like I was showing off every little bump (you know what I’m sayin…!) I also love that it’s heavier because I can wear it well into the winter. Yay for #versatility!

I’m super happy with the way the jumpsuit turned out! The fit is perfect, it’s incredibly comfortable and I want to wear it everywhere. Now I just need to make one in every other colour…!!!!

Fabric: Stretch Knit (Fabricland)
Thread: Stretch thread – Fleecy Nylon (Naveren’s)
Pattern: Mimi G DIY Jumpsuit

Flats: Zara | Sunnies: Target | Rings: Aldo & F21
Photos by: My MOM!!! (not bad eh?)


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