These shorts were the first pair of shorts I’ve ever made…well…the first pair I’ve ever completed anyway. I made a pair a while back and it sucked so I tossed it. But anyways! These shorts were really meant to be a test pair, but ended up not too shabby!

To make these shorts, I used M6756. The only pattern hack I made was that I left the pockets out. I also decided to not hem the bottom. I left the raw edge as is since the frayed edges looked neat enough to leave alone.

Took me about an hour to make the whole thing. Then when it came time to finish the waistband at the zipper…I don’t know what happened. Something about the pattern instructions didn’t make sense. So I tried my own way, which took forever!!

Then after 2 DAYS of working on it, I went back to the instructions and of course, turns out, if I had just re-read them properly, I would have had it done in 15 minutes.

Lesson learned: just read instructions. Twice. #smh.

Linen: Fabricland
Lining: Mom’s collection!
Zipper: Fabricland
Pattern: McCall’s M6756

Hat: Obey | Shirt: Zara | Sandals: Aldo | Sunnies: Target
Photos by Dani Schmidek

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