Once in a while, I lose my sewing mojo. Seriously. It’s like I completely fall off my A-Game and no matter what I try to make, it’s as if I’m sewing the for the very first time, making mistake after mistake. It’s frustrating because sewing isn’t a 5 minute job…it it takes hours! Which means…a lot of time thrown down the drain. Bah.

So in order to remind myself that I know what I’m doing, I have to learn to crawl before walking all over again, meaning I gotta sew something super easy. Enter M7348! What sewing something like this t-shirt dress does is it eases the frustration by reminding me that I CAN in fact sew, and I can do it well. So when I see the finished product, no matter how easy or simple it is, the fact of the matter is that I did it without error and it actually turned out nice and wearable.

…it eases the frustration by reminding me that I CAN in fact sew, and I can do it well.

Perfect For Beginners:

If you’re just starting out, M7348 is a great pattern to learn from. It’s really simple with very few steps and only 3 pattern pieces. What’s really great about this pattern is the fit. It’s a loose fitting dress with a bit of a flare, so you don’t have to worry about getting the size perfect.

  • Size: XS
  • View A bodice, View C sleeves
  • Alterations: Hemmed the sleeves and bottom by 1.5″ instead of 1.5cm simply because I liked where it fell above my knee.
  • Time to make: 2hrs with some dilly-dallying around.

The fabric I used is leftovers from the Jogger Pants I made a while back. I was just itching to use up the material I had lying around to make room for new fabrics and this was the perfect opportunity.

The pattern calls for medium to heavy weight knit fabrics. The heavier stretch knit I used definitely gives it a luxurious feel however I think you could definitely use a lighter weight too, which would give it a bit more flow and movement. I absolutely love how comfortable and casual this dress is so I’ll for sure make this again, but likely in a light weight fabric instead.www.SweetShard.com McCalls M7348 DIY T-shirt Dress

The Look:

I love how preppy this dress turned out. I was expecting it to look a bit more casual than it turned out but I think that’s simply because of the material. This is definitely a sneaker/penny loafer/flats shoe wearing kind of dress and it is so-so-so perfect if you’re in a rush because you can just toss this on and look totally pulled together instantly! Who knew $3/m fabric could go so far…cha ching!

Thanks so much for reading through my blog! I’d love to hear your thoughts, so drop me a line below!



Photos by Sarah Snow Photography – Find her on Facebook!

www.SweetShard.com McCalls M7348 DIY T-shirt Dress www.SweetShard.com McCalls M7348 DIY T-shirt Dress www.SweetShard.com McCalls M7348 DIY T-shirt Dress


  1. I love your dress and your photos. I will have to give this pattern a look.

    • Sharadha Reply

      THANK YOU! very happy with how it turned out! thanks for the love!

  2. Super pretty! Great photos. And knits aren’t the easiest thing in the world to sew, either. You nailed the neck binding and that’s not easy. Good job!

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