A few months ago, I did a pattern test for By Hand London’s Sarah Shirt. I really liked the way it turned out (see it here!) and once I had a chance to wear it a few times, I knew I wanted to make a dress version of it: the Sarah Shirt Dress!

Making this dress required a pretty simple hack to the pattern. All I had to do was extend the length: I initially added 9” to the length, but once it was near complete, I thought it was a bit long so I took off 1”.

If you’ve taken a look at the Sarah shirt I made, you’ll see that I left the collar out. I opted to do the same with this version because I liked the clean look it gives.

While the dress looks really cute on its own in its natural flowy state, I think adding a belt to cinch in the waist gives it some shape and adds a feminine touch. And! This dress looks great when left unbuttoned over top of a pair of black leggings and fitted tank. Oh, the versatility…!

Oh, the versatility…!

Any trouble I had when making the shirt were pretty much non-existent the second time around with this dress. In fact, it was pretty quick to make. I’d say the most time consuming part was lining up the buttonholes and hand stitching the buttons. Usually by the time I get to this part, I’m wondering why I even chose to make anything with buttons…merp. But once it’s done, I’m a pretty happy camper 😀

What do you think? Would you turn this shirt pattern into a dress?


Pattern: Sarah Shirt – By Hand London
Fabric: Fabricland
Buttons: Fabricland
Alterations: Added 8” to the length, left out the collar, added a belt

SarahShirtDress_SweetShard02 SarahShirtDress_SweetShard03SarahShirtDress_SweetShard01 SarahShirtDress_SweetShard10SarahShirtDress_SweetShard09SarahShirtDress_SweetShard08 SarahShirtDress_SweetShard05 SarahShirtDress_SweetShard07 SarahShirtDress_SweetShard06 SarahShirtDress_SweetShard04

Loafers: Saks 5th Ave | Sunnies: H&M
Photos by P. Maulkhan

The Sarah Shirt Dress by Sharadha


  1. I absolutely love your dress, it really works well as a dress and the fabric is perfect. I agree with you about the collar, the clean line looks good.

    • Sharadha Reply

      Hi Mags! Thanks so much! I’m not really a collar person, so I’m happy you love my hack 😀

    • Sharadha Reply

      Thanks Erin! I bought 2 meters and a little bit left over. I’d say 1.75m in total.

    • Sharadha Reply

      Hi Nilla! thanks so much! 😀 I checked out your site, cool stuff!

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