Hey all! This little body-con dress is one of my latest creations. I’ve wanted to make a fitted dress for a while now and I finally did it in time for a trip down south to St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands.

St. Thomas was really nice. Calm, really. We took a trip through the mountains, went to cool banana daiquiri bar and even saw a donkey with sunglasses! I also bought this cute little gold clutch from a shop in the mountains:

You can’t fit much into it…my phone, a card or two and a lipstick. That’s it! But really does look good with everything. Plus, it was only $9.00, so you can’t go wrong!

Anyways, back to the outfit.

I decided to wear this dress for the day because I wanted to wear something out and about other than shorts & a tee. Plus, I wanted to be cute (haha!) so I thought this would be perfect.

The fabric is great – it’s incredibly lightweight and can fold up so small that it takes up no room at all in my suitcase.

I’m also in awe over the pattern on the fabric. See, I had an image in my head of what I wanted and it just happened to be at Fabricland. That never happens! Talk about manifestation. I also loved that I was able to wear my swimsuit underneath and it barely showed because the pattern hid the bikini strings. #EvenBetter

I thought that after wearing it all day in the hot sun I would have regretted not wearing shorts, but nope, not the case!  I really loved the fit, the colour, the feel of the fabric.

But most importantly, I felt pretty damn confident in it. Ain’t that all you need anyways?


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Flats: Aldo | Clutch: St. Thomas, US V.I. local shop | Choker & Rings: F21 | Bangle: Gift | Necklace: Sample Sale (brand unknown) | Hat: Festival of Friends – Hamilton, Canada

Photos by B. Ramjit, Anjoli Abrahams & Sophia Abrahams


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  1. Love it! I made a fit and flare dress out of the same fabric (but with the navy background) and it’s one of my most worn dresses

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