The Boyfriend Jacket

August 30, 2016
DIY Boyfriend Jacket B6328


Hola friends! I’ve officially ventured off into the land of jackets. But not just any jacket…a boyfriend jacket! Fun stuff! What’s cool about this make is that it didn’t start out as Continue Reading…


Tropical Vibes

August 4, 2016

Caribana has come and gone! It’s a fun time of year for West Indians here in Toronto: music is blaring on the streets and in cars, people are vibing and the fetes are non stop. This year’s big fete was at OVO Fest featuring Machel Montano as the headliner and let me tell you, when Machel is performing, you better come prepared to jump, wave and buss a good wine. Needless to say, it can get hot and sweaty so wearing sneakers and shorts is usually the way to go. But this year I wanted to wear something Continue Reading…