White Fitted Dress

December 8, 2016

A white dress is a pretty scary thing to wear for a lot of us. But a white fitted dress? Well, that’s just raising the ante and many times…there really is no winner, unless it’s a wedding dress! But I went for it anyways and made myself one. Continue Reading…


Red Velvet Holiday Dress

December 1, 2016
Sweet Shard DIY Red Velvet Dress High Slit. Full length shot of Sharadha wearing dress.

December is upon is us, the holidays are near and velvet is back! I’m excited to share this festive-looking DIY red velvet holiday dress because it was somewhat of an experiment with a new design and new fabric, and it turned out exactly how I wanted it to! Continue Reading…

Tips & Tutorials

The Perks of Sewing

November 24, 2016

Hola! This post is a little different from the usual DIY that goes up. With all of the encouragement and awesome comments from everyone in person and online, people are always telling me they wish they could do it too and are even saying they’re inspired by me to learn! How cool is that?? So I thought it’d be cool to share the perks of sewing and how I can become ‘slightly’ obsessed with it!

Continue Reading…